Graffiti Removal

Heading to work to find that vandals have struck isn’t a welcome sight for any property manager. SIL Services provides efficient graffiti removal service that mitigates the issue and restores your property as it should be – like new and ready for business.


Oftentimes, graffiti is an issue that can compromise your reputation and your property quality. We’ve developed a removal solution that is applicable for almost any surface: Wood, stone, glass, brick, stucco, and siding all have an effective solution with our professionals at the helm. We:

  • Combine pressure washing and strong cleaners to break down paint buildup
  • Remove buildup… Without negatively impacting the rest of your property
  • Truly eliminate the issue, rather than use a “band aid” approach

With our licensed professional on the job, your property will be back to its beautiful condition in record time.


We know that some issues are a property emergency — and vandalism is one of them. Our on-call services are designed to keep your business on track. If you see an issue, give us a call and we’ll get in there to resolve it as soon as possible.

Set the stage for a property that everyone in your community takes seriously. We hope you never need it, but if you do — SIL Services is your graffiti removal resource.